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Auto Glass Replacement for Union, Essex, Morris, Somerset, Middlesex, Hudson & Bergen Counties in New Jersey.

Auto Glass Replacement for Union, Essex, Morris, Somerset, Middlesex, Hudson & Bergen Counties in New Jersey.

Novus Auto Glass Replacement FAQs

You've probably got questions about your auto glass replecement service. We've got answers - and they are right down below. Just click the questions and we'll show you the answers.

Of course, if you don't find your question, call us at 908-477-1752 and we'll answer it in person.

FAQs - Novus Windshield Replacement

Appointments are available:

Weekdays from 7am to 7pm

Saturdays from 7am to 3pm

Sundays from 9am to 1pm

We serve Northern New Jersey.  Our Counties are Union, Essex, Morris, Somerset, Middlesex, Hudson and Bergen.

Some of the cities included: Basking Ridge,  Berkeley Heights, Cedar Knolls, Chatham, Clark, Colonia, Cranford, Dunellen, East Hanover, Edison, Elizabeth, Fanwood, Florham Park, Garwood, Gillette, Green Brook, Green Village, Hillside, Kenilworth, Linden, Livingston, Madison, Maplecrest, Maplewood, Millburn, Millington, Morristown, Mountainside, Murray Hill, New Providence, New Vernon, North Plainfield, Orange, Plainfield, Rahway, Roseland, Roselle, Roselle Park, Scotch Plains, Short Hills, South Orange, South Plainfield, Springfield, Stirling, Summit, Union, Vauxhall, Warren, Watchung, Westfield, Whippany.

There is a service area map on our Contact Us page


Give us a call at 908-477-1752 and we'll set up an appointment. Don't forget that you don't have to bring your vehicle to us - we'll come to you and fix your windshield while you work or play.

If you aren't in a rush, you can email us from our Contact Form.

Yes we do - and it's the best in the industry.

When you choose Novus we'll give you a Nationwide Guarantee that lasts for as long as you own your vehicle.

If we do a windshield chip and crack repair, we guarantee that your chip or crack will not expand.  We also guarantee that your repair will pass inspection in all 50 states.

If we do a windshield or other glass replacement, we guarantee materials and workmanship for as long as you own your car.

We also guarantee the seal of our installations.

For more information, check the national Novus website.  The exact details of the warranty are also included with the paperwork when we come to do the work.

We're happy to give a quote to you.  We'll need to know your car's year, make and model.  We'll also ask about any options that might be built into your car's windshield.  Options like radio antenna, electronic defrosters, and automatic windshield wiper rain sensors might affect the price of your windshield.

Our quote will include the windshield, labor, parts, and adhesives.  We never charge for coming to you and we also don't charge for disposing of your old windshield, or working with your insurance company to be sure you get every penny you deserve.  We even include the sales tax.

So, when you get a quote from us, it's for the full job.  If you're calling around, make sure you're comparing apples to apples and keep asking what their quote includes.  Don't forget to see what kind of testimonials they have. 

Oh, and did we mention that we don't charge for a Nationwide Guarantee or our years of experience and exacting certification training.  Or Novus' continuous research in ways to improve our repair process - the one we invented in the first place. 

If you really think about it, maybe getting an apples to apples comparison might be harder than it sounds.  Instead of spending an hour calling around and searching the internet, make your life easier and just call Novus at 908-477-1752.

Remember the old saying: "Buyer Beware."

Some businesses will quote you an incredibly low price on the phone or online.  But when you get there, you'll discover there are some other things you need that weren't included in the quote. In the end, the finished job can cost 2-3-4 times or more, than the original quote was.

Other businesses claim to "waive the deductible" and even throw in gift cards or free dinners.In the last couple of years, the insurance companies have caught on to these businesses and have set strict pricing rules.  This means that the only way to offer those discounts is to cut corners. They use inferior, poorly made glass, untrained and inexperienced labor, and go cheap on the sealants. 

The problem is that, after the trim is replaced, you may not be able to tell the difference between a high quality job and a poor quality job...until you have an accident and the safety systems that depend on your windshield fail.

At Novus, we strive to keep our prices low - but we won't sacrifice you and your family's safety.  Our quotes include everything - including the sales tax.  If we miss anything on the phone, we'll tell you about it before we start the work so there will be no surprises when you get the bill.

Don't be fooled by giveaways and "too good to be true" offers that could put your family at risk.

No!  Our goal is to take the hassle out of the process and making you stand around while we work would be a big hassle.  Of course, you're welcome to watch if you like.

We work by appointment, so you'll know when we'll be there - and we'll call ahead to make sure you're ready for us. 

All you need to do is provide us the keys to your vehicle so we can access the interior.  After that, you can go back to work or whatever else you had planned.  When we're done, we call you out to let you inspect our work.

We can fix or replace any window on your vehicle.

We do windshields, side windows, vent windows, or the back window.

We can even have a headlight restoration service that will return the original brilliance to your headlight covers

We can replace the windshield or other window on everything from pickups to big rigs. We also handle glass on motor homes.

Just give us a call and we'll bring our ladder!


Lots!  Novus technicians go through 3 weeks of factory training on our patented windshield repair and replacement technologies.  Nobody else does this much training.

Without this training, we wouldn't be able to offer our Nationwide Guarantee.

Yes it is! This is the reason Novus invented windshield repair - to make your windshield safe after a chip or small crack.

Your windshield is an important part of your vehicle's safety system, and at Novus we take that very seriously. 

As much as 30% of your vehicle's roof strength is provided by the windshield. Your windshield is also part of your vehicle's restraint system, keeping occupants inside the vehicle in an accident.  Nearly a third of all highway fatalities happen when occupants are ejected from the car or when the roof collapses.

But beware. A poorly repaired windshield won't restore the original safety of your car.  That's why our highly trained and certified technicians use only the best resins and epoxies for your repair.

If your windshield needs to be replaced, there are some shops that will lure you in with ridiculous low prices and discounts.  They can only do that by offering low quality aftermarket windshields that don't meet the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) standards.  They may also skimp on the sealants that bond the windshield to the body of your car.  Unfortunately there may be no way for you to learn about these things until you're in an accident and your vehicle's safety systems fail.

Nobody has a better training system and higher certification standards than Novus.  We always use glass and sealants that meet or exceed the original standards. You can be confident your vehicle will be safely repaired.

You probably can't tell for sure, even we get fooled from time to time.  That's why we offer our Nationwide Guarantee which says that if our repair doesn't hold, we'll apply your cost to a full windshield replacement - for as long as you own your car.

Generally, if you can cover the chip with a quarter, or if the crack is less than three inches, we can repair the windshield instead of replacing it.  However, there are several different types of chips and that can affect our ability to repair them - some chips just cannot be fixed. 

Speed is also a factor. Putting off a call to Novus can be costly. Chips can turn into cracks and small cracks can "run" into large cracks.  Here in New Jersey, temperature changes can speed the process up. Rough roads cause vibrations that can lead to a run.  Also, chips near the edge of the glass, are the most likely to get worse.  If you put it off, your choice may only be to replace the windshield.

Unfortunately, your windshield repair won't be completely invisible.  We can restore 75 to 95% of the clarity in that area.  But if the chip is in one of those spots in your direct line of vision, replacement might be the best option.

We do guarantee that your windshield will not get any worse and that it will pass state inspection standards in all fifty states. 

Many times, it will cost you nothing!

Repairing a chip or crack in your windshield is much less costly than replacing the whole windshield.  And many insurance companies reward you by waiving the deductible when you opt to repair instead of replace.


Usually 30 minutes or less.

At Novus, we not only invented windshield repair, we've nearly perfected (we're still working on it).

The process involves taking a liquid resin and injecting it into the crack or chip.  Then we wait for it to cure.  Finally, we polish the surface to bring back visibility.

You should call us for a FREE exact quote.  Our number is 908-477-1752.

Otherwise, the answer depends on your car and your insurance coverage.

First, what is the make and model of your vehicle.  And what options does it have?

Two vehicles can look exactly the same from the outside but have very different windshields.  Some options that could affect the cost of your windshield include electronic defrost, in-glass radio antennas, rain detectors for automatic windshield wipers, factory tinting, and a few others.

When you call us and ask for a windshield replacement quote, we'll ask a few questions beyond just the "make - model - year" of your vehicle.  Your answers will help us find the exact windshield your vehicle needs - and allow us to provide a quote that is right on the money.

When you get that quote, there won't be any gimmicks or hidden charges.  Your windshield replacement cost will include everything needed to do the job.  No surprise "disposal fees" or "travel charges".  We'll even include the sales tax.

Second, what does your insurance policy cover? We'll work with your insurance company to handle the claim for you. Many times, our service won't cost you anything out of pocket, other times you'll just need to pay your deductible.


A typical windshield replacement takes between 60 and 90 minutes.  But you can't drive it immediately.  The specially formulated adhesive resins take another hour of curing time until the windshield is secure and your vehicle is safe to drive.

So, you should allow about 2-1/2 hours from the time we start the job until you can safely drive your vehicle.

We also suggest you leave at least one window down an inch or more for a day or so.  This prevents pressure from breaking the seal when the doors are closed.

No, our estimates include removing your mirror from the old windshield and reattaching it to the new.

We'll also hook up any wires for options that might be built into your windshield: radio antenna, electronic defrosters, rain sensors and the rest.

If possible, we'll try and save any stickers on the old windshield and attach them to the new one.

Often, a broken windshield means your wiper blades end up pretty cut up. We carry most sizes with us and will replace your wiper blades if you like.

Don't worry, we'll take care of it.  We vacuum to get rid of all the broken glass.

A windshield replacement takes from 60 to 90 minutes, and we suggest you not drive for another hour, so the sealants have time to fully set.

We also suggest you leave at least one window down an inch or more for a day or so.  This prevents pressure from breaking the seal when the doors are closed.

And, while water isn't a problem (don't worry if it rains), the high pressure spray used to clean your car can also break the seal, so we suggest you wait for a day or so before running it through the car wash.

OEM is an auto industry abbreviation for "Original Equipment Manufacturer."  It's a statement that the product is made by the company that made them for the assembly line. 

However, the ways cars are made, there might be more than one company that manufactured windshields for a particular model,  The result is several brands can claim OEM for windshields for a particular model. An OEM windshield means the glass is molded on the original molds so it will have the best fit and finish for that vehicle.

The term OEE means "Original Equipment Equivalent."  It means the product is nearly the same as an original.  In windshields, that means that the manufacturer bought an OEM windshield and used that to make their molds.  An OEE windshield will fit your vehicle, but the seal between the glass and body will depend on using more sealants to fill gaps.  It also may be made of lower quality glass.


Because they serve very different purposes, your windshield is very different that the side windows or rear windows in your vehicle.

Windshields are a big part of the safety system in your car. They provide up to 30% of the  strength of the roof during rollover accidents.  They also are a big part of keeping occupants from being thrown out of the car in a serious accident.  In addition, they have to be able to stop flying objects from hitting occupants while traveling at high speed.

Windshields are made of Laminated Safety Glass.  What appears to be one piece of glass is actually two layers of glass with a thin sheet of plastic between them.  These layers are heated and put under pressure until they become one.  The whole process is designed to make the glass stronger, control the the shape of the pieces when broken (no sharp edges). Because of the plastic in the middle, the pieces don't go flying but instead stay together in a sheet almost like they were a piece of fabric.

The plastic layer in the lamination is what makes windshield repair possible.  When a rock or other object his the outer safety glass layer, it may break that layer, but the middle plastic layer protects in the inner safety layer so there is never an actual hole.  The windshield repair process fills the chip hole and cracks with epoxy resins that harden and restore the strength of the outer layer.

The other glass in you car is also specially designed and called "Tempered Glass."  After the window's shape is created, the glass is heated to very high temperatures and cooled rapidly.  This results in it's high strength.  Your car windows can withstand enormous impacts before breaking.  The second feature of Tempered Glass as used in your car's windows is the way it breaks:  it shatters.  But it shatters into very small pieces without sharp edges - a very nice attribute if you're in an accident.

Since 1985, Novus has been helping people just like you build a successful Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Business. Learn more about how you can get started in your own business with Novus.  Visit Novus Franchising.

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Cracked or Chipped Windshield? Get a FREE Estimate!


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Click the image to read more about our Nationwide Guarantee.


M-F: 7am - 7pm
SAT: 7am - 3pm
SUN: 9am - 1pm

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